Worried About Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Help Protect Your Blood Sugar & Beat “Brain Fog”, Constant Fatigue, and Hard-to-Lose Fat with My 4 Simple Tips

When your blood sugar swings out of balance, you feel it.

If you’re like I was a few years ago, you wake up tired and it gets worse from there.

Every day feels like a slog through thick molasses.

You get that “brain fog” feeling, where it’s hard to focus and thoughts slip away.

And it’s not just us — our loved ones pay the price, too. Like when we snap at those around us at the slightest irritation.

And to top it off, it can feel impossible to lose extra weight — especially when those nagging junk food cravings demand to be fed.

And just when you reach for something tasty to make you feel a little better, maybe you get “that look” from your spouse, the one that says…

“Remember what the doctor said…”

Well, if you’ve had to deal with any of this, I’ve got good news.

Because today I’m going to show you four simple things you can do each day that will protect your blood sugar and help keep it in the normal range.

I’ll also reveal the ONE FOOD you should never eat again.

This food is very dangerous for blood sugar because it’s sneaky: You may have been eating this food for years, and not once seen a big spike in blood sugar levels; but over time, it can silently damage your blood sugar machinery without you ever knowing it.

I’ll reveal this food later, but first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Doctor Marlene Merritt and I’m the author of Smart Blood Sugar, the best-selling book on natural blood sugar solutions that has sold over 280,000 copies to date.

My readers tell me that they finally have something that works after trying everything else. I’ve been humbled to hear some of their success stories, like from Phillip T., who told me:

“The best book on blood sugar, EVER!”

“It’s brief, to the point and easy to understand and follow. I have been able to reduce my medication as I watch my blood sugar come down every morning. My A1C dropped to a multi-year low by following your plan. Thank you!”

In addition to my writing, I also help people one-on-one at my wellness clinic in Austin, Texas. I’m a doctor in Oriental medicine and I have a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science, and that gives me the tools to offer natural solutions for better health.

In my twenty years practicing medicine, I’ve helped thousands of people fix their blood sugar issues. People looking for safe, natural fixes to keep their blood sugar stable.

People like Scott T., who came to me suffering from the typical problems of see-sawing blood sugar levels: constant fatigue, irritability, and lack of focus… and that extra weight piling up.

But after putting my natural solutions to work, Scott told me:

“I feel better today than I have in over 10 years.”

“I have been amazed at the mental clarity, energy and focus; and the 20 lbs. and 7+ inches off my waist is an added bonus.”

I know how he feels.

Because one reason I’m so passionate about treating blood sugar issues is that I was a patient first.

Years ago, I began to feel the classic symptoms of erratic blood sugar:

The swinging moods…

The draining fatigue…

The frustration and lack of focus.

I was puzzled because I thought I was eating healthy.

So I dove into the latest research on blood sugar and diet. Once I discarded the shoddy science and fad diets, and actually looked at the hard data, I discovered I was overloading my diet with hidden blood sugar wreckers…

At the same time I was missing out on beneficial blood sugar helpers.

That’s when I put together a set of natural tips to help keep my blood sugar balanced, by dumping the bad stuff and adding in the good.

Once I started using these tips, my mood brightened, my concentration sharpened, and my energy levels soared.

One of the ways these natural tips work is by helping boost your body’s natural ability to burn sugar.

You see, for many of us, our cells don’t burn sugar as efficiently as they used to. When that happens, our blood sugar levels can start to swing outside the normal range. And that’s when our metabolism starts to go haywire…

Instead of burning sugar as energy, our bodies LOCK it up in the form of fat.

It’s a double whammy!…

Fat piles up and your body is starved of energy!

The result? You feel miserable, and constantly harassed by cravings for carbs and sweets.

So what can you do?

First, you want to help perk up sluggish cells so they burn sugar more efficiently. I’m sure you already know this means reducing excess carbs and sugar.

But here’s what you may not have been told…

You can still eat foods you love!

In fact, when you follow my tips, I think you’ll be surprised at how many delicious foods you can enjoy — while protecting your blood sugar at the same time.

Just like my patient Frauke discovered…

Frauke came to me with those common complaints of extreme fatigue, digestive issues, and yo-yoing weight that she just couldn’t keep off.

She’d tried everything for years, but nothing seemed to help, or the plans were just too hard or complicated to put to work in the real world.

So she gave my natural tips a try.

In just two days, she felt a real difference in her mood and energy levels. She felt more alert and energetic.

By the end of the first week, her waistline told a similar story: she lost 8 pounds in 7 days.

And finally, after a few months following my tips, she felt like a new person. She told me: “I have such a different outlook. It’s been awesome.”

But the biggest surprise?

She didn’t have to give up her favorite foods.

She says she found it “completely easy” to follow my tips, in part because she could indulge in her favorite treat: German black bread smothered in butter and topped with a nice sharp cheese.

She tells me, “As long as I can have that bread, with butter and cheese, I’m good.”

Wouldn’t it be nice…

To enjoy delicious foods while still keeping your blood sugar levels stable?

To wake up full of more energy, so you don’t crash by 3 pm?

To regain your mental sharpness, so you can focus at work or enjoy your favorite hobbies?

You can!

You can also enjoy a sunnier mood — and you can bet your loved ones will thank you!

They may also notice a new, slimmer figure, because many of my patients find they lose extra pounds without any added effort when they use my tips.

Here’s how these simple tips go to work on your cells…

When we eat sugary foods like candy bars or any food high in carbohydrates like rice or mashed potatoes, it travels through our stomach and into our small intestine.

Once there, it gets broken down into the simple sugar glucose. Glucose then passes through the intestinal wall and enters the blood stream.

This is what’s known as blood glucose, and this is what you measure on blood sugar tests.

Simply put, these foods raise your blood sugar.

But it’s not just obvious carbs like pasta that raise blood sugar…

If you’re buying any packaged foods…

You may be sneaking extra sugar into your body without you even knowing it.

Here’s why…

Many packaged foods — like spaghetti sauce, salad dressings, or supposedly healthy foods like protein bars — contain high levels of sugar. But you don’t notice them. Because they’re hidden under wholesome-sounding names like “Muscovado” or “Turbinado Sugar.”

But our body doesn’t care about these fancy names. It treats them just like table sugar.

Well, as soon as that sugar hits our bloodstream, our body releases insulin to push that sugar out of our blood and into our cells. That’s where it can be burned as fuel.

But as I mentioned, for some of us, over time our cells become sluggish and don’t burn sugar like they used to. That’s why many of us have a hard time keeping our levels stable.

But the good news is that we can turn the ship around.

We can help our cells burn sugar better by blocking blood sugar wreckers and rushing in blood sugar helpers.

It’s kind of like a game of football.

(Like I said, I live in Texas, and down here is football country.)

So let’s say insulin is our quarterback

Our QB’s job is to drive the ball — that’s sugar — into the end zone. That’s our cells.

Like any QB, it needs a strong team to get the job done.

So we can help our QB by doing two things:

Blocking excess sugars, like a strong offensive line would. And second…

Helping push the remaining sugar into our cells, just like a star running back does.

The natural tips I’m going to share do both of these things.

Ready to hear them? Let’s get started.

Tip #1

The Big FAT Secret

Ever seen a strong offensive lineman? You don’t want a string bean up there, but a big slab of a man. The best lineman packs enough fat to put a Sumo wrestler to shame.

And it turns out that FAT is actually one of the secrets to blocking excess sugar.

Now of course we don’t want more fat on our bodies, but we do want it on our plates. When we add more fat into our meals, it slows down sugar absorption.

In addition, fat takes the place of extra sugar and carbs.

Because when you bite into a meal loaded with plenty of fat — like a creamy spread of butter or a juicy marbled steak — your taste buds light up. And you feel full afterwards, so it’s easier to put down the fork.

I discovered this myself. The moment I added more fat onto my plate, I was surprised how much more satisfied I felt after a meal.

Plus, my sugar cravings began to disappear on their own, because I was finally giving my body what it had been craving for years.

The fad diets of the 1980s and 90s made fat into the bad guy, saying that it caused heart disease…

But I discovered the science just isn’t on their side, as you’ve probably seen by all the recent headlines saying “Butter Is Back” and “Fat Isn’t The Enemy.”

So I’m telling you to put that butter back onto your plate, and ditch the skim milk for one with some flavor!

Here’s a very special fat you can put to work right away…

Coconut oil. It’s one I love and use every day.

What makes coconut oil special? It’s known as a “medium chain triglyceride” or “MCT.”

Here’s what this means: your body burns up MCT’s very quickly for fuel — just like it does sugar.

Bottom line? It’s fast energy.

But, and here’s the kicker, without spiking your blood sugar. There are zero carbs to raise your blood glucose…

MCT’s are pure, high-octane fuel!

Plus, because it gets used up so fast, the saturated fat doesn’t stick around very long in your body to cause any trouble, in case you’re worried about that.

Coconut oil is versatile.

You can cook with it, blend into coffee or tea for a silkier sip, or use it as a dip for veggies.

Some of my patients even simply lick it from a spoon for a quick burst of energy!

So again, by using fat as an energy source, you train your cells to be fat burners instead of just sugar burners. This takes the load off insulin.

Just like a strong offensive line takes the pressure off the quarterback.

Tip #2

“Snack” On This

A good offense is fast. And this second tip is hands-down the fastest and most effective way to stoke your cellular furnaces. It turns even the most sluggish cells into sugar hogs, so they hoover up sugar from your blood stream.

In fact, you can even use this tip for those times when you indulge in your favorite dessert to help blunt the impact on your system. The best part is that it takes just minutes.

What is it? Brief but intense bursts of movement known as “Exercise Snacks.”

Now we all know exercise is a must to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but that’s easier said than done: it can be hard to fit in the recommended 30 minutes a day.

Well, “Exercise Snacks” are a faster alternative that may work even better…

For example, one study compared exercise “Snackers” to “Sloggers” — that’s the the traditional 30-minute treadmill crowd.

And guess what?

When it came to their blood sugar levels…

The snackers kicked the sloggers’ butts!

They posted better blood sugar numbers after a meal. And even better? This blood sugar protection lasted throughout the day! They had better numbers for the next 24 hours.

Air Squats are a quick and easy way to burn blood sugar.

And here’s a great Exercise Snack that just takes a minute: Air Squats.

Here’s how you do them:

Keep your back straight and hold your arms out for balance.

Bend at your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. (Like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair.)

Then, stand back up.

That’s it! So simple.

Just repeat as many times as you can for 30 to 60 seconds. (Of course, as with all exercise, make sure you’re cleared by your doctor first.) The faster you go, the better it works.

How does it work? This ultra-quick workout mobilizes the large muscles in your glutes and legs, which are forced to gobble up blood sugar to refuel.

Okay, so we’ve covered Tip Number One, where you add more healthy fats like coconut oil to help block sugar.

And Tip Number Two, where you add in a few quick exercises to burn up sugar faster. This gives your body more energy after a meal so you’re not feeling so sluggish and tired.

Now let me reveal the third tip (that includes a spicy brew for better blood sugar…)

Tip #3

Treasures From The East

Fun history fact: In the middle ages, kings and emperors like Charlemagne eagerly swapped their precious gold for the riches of the east. These riches came in the form of exotic spices and herbs.

But in their quest for exotic flavors, it turns out the rich were helping their blood sugar without knowing it.

That’s because many of these Asian spices and herbs help your body burn sugar more efficiently in two different ways:

First, they’re believed to block some carbs from ever reaching your blood stream as sugar.

That means less of a sugar spike after a meal.

Second, they may help stimulate the release of insulin, which means help your cells absorb sugar more easily.

And that means more fuel for your fire and more stable levels.

So here are three “treasures from the east” that can help you keep your blood sugar in the normal range:


The pungent flavor in ginger comes from two compounds, gingerol and shogaol, which are believed by some researchers to help blood sugar in three different ways…

First, they help muscle cells devour more sugar.

Second, they stimulate the release of insulin.

Third, they block the absorption of some carbohydrates.

Next up, we have…


This spice has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in a large review of several scientific studies. It’s believed to work by making your cells more sensitive to insulin, so they burn sugar more easily.

But a word of caution: don’t just sprinkle on any old cinnamon, because a lot of the store brand stuff has added fillers.

I recommend Ceylon or “true cinnamon”, as it contains less of the compound coumarin which may be harmful to the liver for some people.

Ceylon cinnamon is more expensive, but it’s worth it.

And finally…

Green Tea

When you brew green tea leaves as a drink, either caffeinated or decaf, it delivers a large helping of polyphenols. Those are the beneficial antioxidants that help combat inflammation.

And studies suggest that the polyphenol EGCG in green tea can help lower blood sugar levels after a meal. EGCG is believed to help insulin push sugar into cells.

At the same time, it may blunt the impact of starchy foods, like rice or bread, on blood sugar levels.

In fact, one study1 of Japanese green tea drinkers found that a daily habit of six steaming cups lowered their risk for serious blood sugar issues by 33%.

And here’s a Bonus Tip on how to use this “Far East Play” all at once…

Bonus Tip

Combine All Three into One Powerful Brew!

It’s easy — start with a cup of green tea, grate in some fresh ginger, and stir in Ceylon cinnamon.

Voila! A winning brew that packs a potent zing.

Now, one thing to keep in mind: You’ll enjoy more blood sugar benefits the more you take of these ingredients, especially when they’re in a concentrated form.

That’s why the studies I mentioned used concentrated extracts of cinnamon and ginger and six cups of green tea a day.

But if this isn’t your “cup of tea”, so to speak, you can get these same blood sugar benefits without gulping tea and spices around the clock. And with minimum hassle and no strong flavors.

That’s because I’ve found four potent nutrients that together do two things:

They block some excess sugar from overloading your system, and at the same time they boost the burning of the remaining sugar.

You’ve probably never heard of all four of these nutrients because they’re mostly known to specialists.

Some might even call them secrets.

But after today, they won’t be a secret to you any longer.

Because thanks to my training in herbal medicine, I can show you what they are and why they’re effective at supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

I recommend these nutrients to my patients who want to be doing everything they can to help support healthy blood sugar.

I think of them as a bigger tool to get the job done. As I tell my patients, when you’re having blood sugar issues, it’s like you’ve dug a hole and now you need to fill it back up.

Do you want to use a spoon, or a shovel?

Let me tell you about these four targeted nutrients that help you get the job done.

Nutrient #1


White mulberry leaves

The first nutrient is an extract of White Mulberry Leaf.

Its power move is to block some carbohydrates from getting broken down into sugar, so they don’t impact your blood stream.

It works like this: When you eat a carb-rich meal, like bread, your body breaks the carbohydrates down into simple sugars with digestive enzymes.

Once those simple sugars are present, they flood your blood stream and raise your blood sugar levels.

But it turns out that you can prevent some of those carbs from breaking down into sugar in the first place.

How? With a compound in White Mulberry Leaf that has been shown to block some of these digestive enzymes.

As a result, Some of these carbs never turn into sugar, they simply pass through your digestive track.

This means a portion of the carbs you eat — like from bread, rice, or pasta…

Don’t raise your blood sugar at all!

While this doesn’t mean we can go hog wild in the bakery section, it does mean that White Mulberry Leaf may help us to “cheat” a bit.

It may help protect our bodies from some starchy carbs like mashed potatoes, fresh baked bread, or a side of rice and beans.

To show this, a team of scientists put Mulberry Leaf Extract to the test in a scientific study.2 Half of the people in the study got a placebo, the other half got the Mulberry Leaf extract.

But not just any White Mulberry Leaf Extract.

The researchers knew that Mulberry helped protect blood sugar — but exactly which kind of leaf worked best?

This matters because different concentrations or different varieties of the same herb can produce wildly different results. I’ve combed through the data on these kinds of studies, and I can tell you that the details matter.

So to find out what worked best, the scientists ran through a comprehensive checklist:

They tested different varieties of the plant…

They tested different parts of the plant…

They even tested plants grown in different seasons…

Until they struck gold

The scientists discovered that young mulberry leaves taken from the top part of the branches in summer contained the highest amount of a compound called “DNJ.”

Why did they spend so much time testing for this compound?

Because it turns out DNJ is the key player that blocks the digestive enzymes which turn carbs into sugar.

That’s why DNJ is the “magic ingredient”…

Model of DNJ molecule

And that’s why the scientists didn’t let up until they could reliably gather an extract of White Mulberry Leaf with a minimum of 1% concentration of DNJ. That concentration proved to be the “Goldilocks” amount: Just right.

And boy, did their efforts pay off…

Because once they had isolated the perfect Mulberry Extract and gave it to their test subjects, they put it to the big test: they asked their test subjects to munch down a sugary feast.

And not just them, but also the “placebo group”, the people who didn’t take any Mulberry Leaf extract.

Both groups gobbled down 50 grams of sugar.

Which is a lot: that’s the equivalent of 13 sugar cubes or a King Size Snickers bar!

The people who didn’t take the Mulberry Extract — the “placebo group” — were left unprotected from the sugary meal. So it was no surprise to the scientists that their blood sugar spiked in the two hours after the meal.

But the scientists were surprised — probably with a big grin on their faces — when they measured the blood sugar levels of the people who did take the White Mulberry Leaf extract. They found that these lucky folks were largely shielded from this rise in blood sugar.

According to the scientists’ report, the White Mulberry Leaf extract “significantly suppressed their blood glucose.”

While this is just one study, that’s a pretty impressive result. Wouldn’t it be great to scoop a little extra mashed potatoes on your plate or butter a piece of fresh baked bread without crashing on the couch a half hour later?

With White Mulberry Leaf on your team, you’ve got more protection for your blood sugar.

And you’ve got even more protection with the second nutrient…

Nutrient #2

The “Insulin COPYCAT”

Banaba plant leaves and flowers

I think of our next nutrient as an insulin “copycat.”

Why? Because it’s believed to mimic the way insulin works at the cellular level.

It’s an extract from the leaf of the Banaba plant (that’s bana-BUH, not bana-NUH the fruit), a plant which grows in India and the Philippines.

During the WWII invasion of The Philippines, medicine shortages led to renewed interest in Banaba

In fact, medicine men in the Philippines brewed banaba leaf into tea for centuries to help with blood sugar, long before western medicine reached their shores.

However, once the new medicines appeared, banaba fell into disuse.

During the shortages of World War II, herbalists started using it again. And that’s when western science took notice and began publishing the first studies on banaba leaf.

For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty science, let me give you the specs real quick…

Banaba leaf contains a compound called coroscolic acid. It appears coroscolic acid activates the same hormone that insulin does when it pushes sugar into your cells. Specifically, the hormone called “GLUT4”, short for Glucose Protein Transporter.

GLUT4 lives inside your cells, and it “opens the door” for sugar when insulin comes knocking.

No insulin, and the door won’t open. This means the sugar roams the blood stream causing mischief, or it gets stored as fat. Obviously not what we want.

But it appears that coroscolic acid, like insulin, can activate GLUT4 to open the door for sugar. Which means more sugar getting burned as fuel.

More energy for your body. Less fatigue and brain fog for you.

Good, right?

When put to the test, studies on animals3 show that banaba extract did indeed cause cells to absorb more sugar.

And human trials show good effects also. In one study, people took banaba extract with .48 mg of coroscolic acid each day for two weeks.4

In that short time, these people showed 30% lower blood glucose levels!

In effect, the banaba extract helped their cells hoover up more blood sugar and burn it more efficiently.

More studies have confirmed banaba’s benefits…

For example, a large review study5 by Creighton University in Omaha found that coroscolic acid helps lower blood sugar after just 60 minutes.

Isn’t it great to know there are natural ingredients you can simply add to your meal to help protect your blood sugar… that work at the cellular level without you having to do a thing?

I love it when I discover one of these natural shortcuts, because it makes my job so much easier.

And you’re about to see two more of these blood sugar helpers…

Nutrient #3

The SUPER Antioxidant

The third key player, like banaba extract, is another insulin copycat.

It, too, is believed to stimulate GLUT4 and help push sugar into your cells.

Model of Alpha Lipoic Acid Molecule

But unlike Banaba leaf, you won’t find this one in a jungle. It’s actually in your body already. It’s called Alpha Lipoic Acid, but I’ll just call it “ALA” for short.

ALA is a fatty acid: the same building blocks that fats like olive oil are made of. ALA works in the energy factories of your cells. There, it helps break down sugars and amino acids into raw fuel.

Now, in addition to mimicking the action of insulin, ALA gives insulin an assist in another way.


Well, a human research trial6 shows that ALA helps make your cells more sensitive to insulin. This means your cells open up when insulin comes knocking, and lets more sugar in to be burned as fuel.

The result?

A steadier supply of energy, especially helpful when you need to concentrate and stay sharp.

Like I said, ALA is already hard at work in your body. But here’s the catch: you only make it in small quantities.

So that’s why scientists at a German hospital asked themselves:

What happens when people boost their ALA with a supplement?

They ran an experiment.7 They gave 600 mg of concentrated ALA to half the participants in the study, and then compared their blood sugar to the other half who didn’t take the ALA.

The result?

Blood sugar elimination after ALA treatment7

The ALA group cleared 27% more sugar from their bloodstream!

That meant more sugar getting burned as fuel.

Another study8 found similar results. People who took just 300 mg of ALA for 2 months posted better blood sugar numbers when compared to those who didn’t.

Pretty great, huh? A tiny fatty acid that turns up the heat on your sugar burning furnaces and help clear away sugar from your system.

But that’s not all ALA does for you. It turns out this fatty acid is also known as the “Super Antioxidant.”9

Now, as you may know, it’s important to get plenty of antioxidants in your diet. Why?

They help to protect your cells from nasty free radical damage. Free radical damage is caused by many things, including excess sugar in the bloodstream. That’s why many doctors recommend you get plenty of antioxidants like Vitamin C to protect your cells.

But once these antioxidants go to work, they get used up, like a battery. Fewer antioxidants means less protection against free radical damage.

But ALA works like a battery recharger!

It replenishes those used-up antioxidants. That way, your body receives a fresh crop of these vital defenders.

So, ALA both ramps up sugar burning and recharges used-up antioxidants for better cellular health. Definitely a player you want on your team.

But for tip-top blood sugar protection, you’re also going to want…

Nutrient #4


Gymnema Sylvestre

And the last player on our team hails from India. It’s called Gymnema Sylvestre, but it’s also known under its Indian name “Gumar”, which means “Sugar Destroyer.”  

One way Gymnema battles sugar is that it appears to slow down the digestion of carbs and sugar. This means it takes longer for it to reach your blood stream.

The slower the better, because it gives your cells more time to burn up the sugar.

(That’s one reason we’re told to add more fiber to our diets. Fiber also slows down sugar digestion. Like when you eat brown rice instead of white.)

And Gymnema attacks blood sugar worries in a second way…

Research10 shows that it may help stimulate your pancreas to release more insulin. And, what’s more, it helps convert that insulin into its active form.

When insulin is working better, you clear away sugar from your blood stream faster. And in fact, this research shows that people can better manage their blood sugar after meals when they take Gymnema. Probably because of its twin abilities to slow down sugar digestion and stimulate the release of insulin.

So there’s your lineup for your winning team:

Four nutrients that assist your “QB” insulin to help get blood sugar into your cells so those cells can get better at burning sugar for fuel.

Which means you get a steadier supply of energy, so you feel more alert, vibrant, and ready to go.

And I think you’ll love how easily you can enjoy these blood sugar benefits. When you take these nutrients in a concentrated form, you don’t have to worry about weird flavors or wasting time on food prep. You just pop these in after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But there is a catch…

You probably won’t find these nutrients in your spice rack or growing in your garden.

Both Gymnema and Banaba grow in tropical spots, like India and the Philippines.

Plus, they work best when concentrated into their most potent and active forms.

For example, you want to make sure that your Banaba extract contains at least 0.48 mg coroscolic acid, the amount used in the studies.

ALA must be concentrated in a lab.

And White Mulberry Leaf needs to be carefully extracted to get at least a 1% concentration of its active ingredient, DNJ, the compound that blocks sugar digestion.

Now if you try to track down these nutrients yourself, you may struggle to find a pure source, one free of wasteful fillers and contamination from sloppy handling.

And even if you’re certain of its purity, you may not get the right dose, with the right amounts of the active ingredients like coroscolic acid and DNJ shown to be effective in scientific studies.

That’s why I’ve come up with an easier and safer way to get these four powerful nutrients.

I’ve partnered with a health company in Texas called Primal Labs to get you pure forms in the right doses of all four ingredients.

Primal Labs is one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies in the United States. I’ve been working with them now for four years. They’ve helped me publish my books and spread my message across the globe.

And while I know the science behind these ingredients, they know the business of how to source and verify the purest ingredients, while keeping costs low.

So when we put our heads together, we developed a solution for putting these four nutrients to work for anybody who wants that edge in healthy blood sugar control.

It took months of research and sourcing of ingredients, but it paid off.

I’m proud to introduce:


An easy-to-swallow gel cap that contains all four nutrients to help you burn sugar better.

Just take one capsule with each meal of the day, and you get an effective dose of the pure form of each nutrient.

The effectiveness of these nutrients is supported by 25 scientific research studies, including 11 Random Controlled Trials, the gold standard of scientific research.

Let me quickly list some of the impressive findings from these studies.

They show that the four ingredients in GlucoBurn:

Support healthy blood sugar metabolism. (This means your cells are burning hotter.)

Reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, so you can enjoy mealtime with less worry.

Support healthy fasting blood sugar levels.

Support healthy HbA1c levels.

Stimulate insulin release. (To help push more sugar into cells for better fuel burning.)

May activate insulin receptors.

Mimic naturally occurring insulin. (To give your “QB” insulin a helping hand.)

Increase sugar burning in your body’s cells though the recruitment of sugar transporters (like GLUT4) to the cell surface.

Isn’t it amazing that you can do all these things with one simple gel capsule?

Just picture how great it will feel to enjoy…

Better concentration!

More energy!

And a brighter mood each day!

That’s how you feel when you keep your blood sugar in the normal range.

And as we’ve seen, GlucoBurn’s targeted ingredients can assist your blood sugar machinery to burn hotter at the cellular level.

That’s why each capsule of GlucoBurn contains:

400 mg of a pure form of White Mulberry Leaf Extract with a concentration of 1% DNJ, the sugar blocker.

3 mg of a patented form of Banaba Leaf Extract called GLUCOHELP with .54 mg coroscolic acid, the insulin mimic.

20 mg of a pure form of “ALA”, the super antioxidant.

50 mg of a patented form of Gymnema Sylvestre, called GS4 PLUS, to help slow sugar absorption and stimulate insulin release.

When you take three capsules of GlucoBurn each day, one after every major meal, you supply your body with the same doses shown to be effective in the scientific studies I told you about today.

And we double check the ingredients in GlucoBurn to make sure they contain the amounts promised…

We send out sample batches of GlucoBurn to a verified third party lab. We make sure they confirm that our capsules contain all four nutrients in the right amounts.

This is more than regulations requires us to do, by the way — plenty of supplement companies skip the cost of this step, so you have no idea how much you’re actually getting of each promised ingredient.

But we don’t do business that way.

We also take quality control seriously:

We order small batches at a time and store them in Primal Labs’ climate-controlled warehouse. Each bottle is carefully packaged and shipped to you quickly, so you know you’re getting the freshest supply.

Of course all this attention to detail takes extra time and expense…

That’s why the price of a single bottle of GlucoBurn could easily top $100.

But we don’t want GlucoBurn to be out of the reach for most people, and so Primal Labs has worked hard to trim costs and get you GlucoBurn for the lowest price possible.

So you won’t pay anywhere near $100

GlucoBurn sells for $59.99 per bottle on the Primal Health online store...

GlucoBurn sells for $59.99 a bottle on Primal Health’s digital store.

And like I said, that price is a bargain when you consider the time and hassle you save of trying to find all four ingredients in the correct doses in one place. But you won’t even pay that much when you order today.

Because you’re reading this report and you can order directly from this website, you’ll get GlucoBurn for the price of just $59.99 $49.99 per bottle.

That’s 20% slashed off the price for a savings of $10.00.

And you save even more cash when you stock up.

You can knock an extra $5.00 off the price of each bottle when you order a 3-month supply.

This is the most popular option, by the way. That’s because many of our customers want GlucoBurn on hand every month, so they plan to re-order anyway. The 3-bottle option allows them to stock up and save.

Plus, because we’re so selective about where we get these four ingredients, a shortage in just one of them can quickly deplete the small stock of GlucoBurn we keep on hand.

I have to be honest: despite our best efforts, we’ve had two such shortages, and our customers had to wait several weeks before they could get GlucoBurn again.

So I recommend stocking up with a 3-bottle supply now, just to be on the safe side.

And here’s how you can slash the price of a single bottle to the bone:

Choose the 6-bottle option (you’ll be set for half a year with no worry of running out!) and you’ll save an additional $7.00 per bottle.

That’s just $37.49 for a month’s supply, a total of $22.50 off the list price!

That works out to just 42 cents per capsule. Can you think of anything else you could add to each of your daily meals for 42 cents… anything else that would make an equal contribution to your blood sugar health?

Think of it each time you sit down for a meal… for the tiny cost of plunking down less than a quarter and two dimes on the table, you get back the proven blood sugar support of four pure, clinically studied ingredients that can be hard to find anywhere else.

That means every time you tuck in at the table you help your protect your blood sugar with…

The carb blocking power of White Mulberry Leaf…

The insulin mimicking action of Banaba…

The super antioxidant regeneration of ALA…

And the ‘sugar destroying’ power of Gymnema.

All for less than what you’d pay for a cheap cup of coffee.

Doesn’t that seem like a good investment for your blood sugar health?

Here’s how to save on GlucoBurn today:

Simply click the order button below and you’ll be taken to Primal Labs’ secure ordering page. We use all the latest encryption technology to make sure your information is secure. And we take all major credit credits.

Remember, this is the only place you’ll find GlucoBurn. It’s NOT sold in stores. You won’t find it anywhere else online.

Let me share a quick story about how GlucoBurn works…

Selwyn Corrica is a 58-year old long haul truck driver from Florida with concerns about his blood sugar. And last year he FAILED the mandatory medical test from the Department of Transportation. So he scrambled to turn a new leaf.

By following his doctor’s program and making some fast changes to his diet — for example, he cut out sodas –  he passed the test this time and got a 1-year extension.

But that wake-up call left Selwyn worried about his family’s future. If he can’t drive, his family won’t eat.

Said Selwyn:

“I’m the breadwinner. If I’m gone, there’s nobody there to earn the money.”

He was on the hunt for something to help him keep his numbers in the normal range — something natural, since he doesn’t he even like to take cold medicine when he’s sick.

That’s when he discovered GlucoBurn. And after only 3 weeks of taking GlucoBurn after his meals, he was amazed at his results.

During this time, Selwyn had continued to follow his doctor’s recommendations. But even though he hadn’t made any big changes to his diet, he was waking up to find he was keeping his blood sugar levels in the normal range. He says:

“My fasting blood sugar when I get up in the morning still remained pretty low. Just around the 100 mark, sometimes lower.”

Plus, he was able to quit taking the cinnamon, which is one less thing to spend money on.

“Even my wife said, ‘since you’re getting so much help from this, why still do the cinnamon?’”

“I Don’t Need To Nap Anymore.”

And for Selwyn there was even more good news. He’s not as tired anymore, which is a big help for eating up those long miles in his rig:

“I do notice that I do not get tired anymore driving. Prior to using GlucoBurn I used to have to stop and sleep. I can drive a lot longer, without having to pull over and take a nap.”

Now he’s able to do other things on his breaks from the road, like read the latest bestseller from Stephen King or talk on the phone with his family.

Selwyn says he’s thrilled with the results from GlucoBurn. His only worry now is running out while he’s on the road.

Selwyn says, “I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop taking GlucoBurn, because of the wonderful effects I get from it. You know, the fact how dramatically it has helped, even though I haven’t changed my diet.”

And Selywn isn’t the only one who experienced dramatic results…

Take Judith Murphey, a retired 67-year old grandmother of two. She says:

“I notice I do feel better. I seem to have more energy. I love GlucoBurn!”

And since she began taking GlucoBurn, she’s been much more active. And her friends have noticed, too.

“I go hiking, I love to do all this stuff, and I get to do it again. So they’re all impressed. I can do everything.”

“I placed order in January. I’ve been taking them ever since. I just placed an order for three more bottles. And it’s still working great.”

What really helps, since she’s on a fixed income, is to save when she buys in bulk:

“I was able to save, and I got 3 bottles for $133. That’s where I save up. If I got two bottles, that gives me a couple months to save up to buy more.”

I feel very grateful to hear stories like Selwyn’s and Judith’s, and other success stories like these ones:

“I was so pleased with my results.”

“I do think the combination of diet, GlucoBurn, and good exercise is the answer. I am 82 years old and have the energy of a 60 year old. This is one happy customer of yours. Thank you so much for making my life healthier and happier.” – Warlan B.

“My morning blood sugar test readings got 35 points lower. It really works!”

– Anna S.

“I have lost about 21 lbs. and have gotten my blood sugars under control”

– Anna B.

“I take GlucoBurn 3 times a day. It, along with the diet seems to be working. I am on my second bottle of GlucoBurn.”

– Diane F.

Now, these are just some of the results of our most successful customers, who have reached out to us and shared their stories. Naturally, they don’t represent the average result.

So while I don’t promise GlucoBurn will give you the same results you’ve heard about today, I do promise you the next best thing:

Either you’re completely happy with GlucoBurn or you get your money back.

Here’s how:

When you try GlucoBurn today, you have a full 60 days to see if it works for you. If you’re not completely satisfied with GlucoBurn, simply send us back the bottle and we’ll refund your entire purchase price. No hassles.

In fact, you can take every last capsule and send us back a completely empty bottle and still get your 100% refund! We want to make sure you get every chance possible to see GlucoBurn work for you.

This generous guarantee also covers our 3 and 6-bottle packages, so you can save now without risk.

That means you get plenty of time to give GlucoBurn a road test, and to check with your doctor to make sure it fits with your present care.

Isn’t that a more than fair way to see if GlucoBurn is right for you? To see the changes in your mood and energy levels each day for two whole months without risking a thing?

So to give it a try, click the Order Button Below.

Okay. We’re ready to wrap up. I want to thank you for spending this time with me today. Let me also salute your efforts to take charge of your health. So few people do.

As we’re wrapping up, you have three paths you can take.

Path Number One is to click away from this report and do nothing, hoping that things will get better on their own.

I think we know where this path leads, and it’s not a good place.

That path leads to spiraling health costs…

To a life with fewer options and more problems…

To a place where finally you can’t take care of yourself and feel like you become a burden to your family.

Or, you can take Path Number Two and continue to arm yourself with information — like you’re doing right now.

You can take what you’ve learned today and put together your own plan.

If you’re willing to spend the weeks and months of research and trial and error, you can certainly do this.

It may take extra time and money, but if you’re determined and willing to put your head down you can do anything.

But in my opinion, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s much easier to take Path Number Three…

Here at Primal Labs, we’ve done the hard work for you. Scoured the research, sourced the ingredients that can give you a boost for healthier blood sugar, gathered the right amounts, and put them together in an easy-to-swallow gel capsule.

So why not Take Path Number 3? It’s the smart and easier road.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best for your health and your future.

Dr. Marlene Merritt, DoM, M.S. Nutr Sci.

In our last minutes together, I’m going to reveal…

The ONE Food You Should Never Eat Again.

This food is a sweetener that’s sneaked into many so-called “health foods.”

What is it? AGAVE Nectar.

Nectar sounds wholesome, doesn’t it? And the makers of Agave Nectar claim that its healthy for blood sugar because it doesn’t raise levels very much.

And this is actually true!

But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

See, Agave Nectar is very high in fructose.

Fructose is the kind of sugar that’s found in fruit. Unlike glucose, fructose is not metabolized through the blood stream.

That’s why, when you eat it, it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels. Instead, fructose is metabolized by the liver.

When you eat a normal amount of fructose, like the kind found in whole pieces of fruit, your liver can generally handle it. That fruit comes packed with water and fiber which helps to slow down absorption.

But when fructose is concentrated, it can quickly overload the liver, causing all sorts of problems…

People who eat too much fructose have a higher risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFL), which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

It can increase the small dense particles of LDL cholesterol.

Plus make you hungrier so you eat more.

It doesn’t stop there, unfortunately…

Excess fructose can increase triglycerides and visceral fat — that’s the harmful kind of fat inside your abdominal cavity. It’s been linked to heart disease and insulin resistance. That’s when your cells won’t burn sugar as easily. So fructose can damage your blood sugar machinery in a roundabout way.

So while fructose may not trigger a blood sugar spike in the short term, it can cause long‑term damage.

That’s why you’ve seen headlines warning you about High Fructose Corn Syrup, which contains 55% fructose.

But Agave Nectar blows High Fructose Corn Syrup out of the water:

Agave is made up of 90% fructose!

So don’t be fooled by the healthy sounding name.

Now, since you’re still here, let me offer you a bonus tip.

(Sometimes it pays to stick around to the end of class, right?)

There is a sweetener you can use that:

Won’t spike your blood sugar levels,

Doesn’t contain fructose, and

Doesn’t contain any junk from artificial sweeteners cooked up in a lab, like aspartame.

What is it?

Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit is a melon from Southern China. Its juice has been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years. And it’s one of 8 sweeteners approved as safe by the FDA.

And boy is it sweet:

200 – 300 times sweeter than sugar!

But without that glucose spike.

Here’s how it works:

Monk Fruit contains special antioxidants called “mogrosides.” 

Essentially, mogrosides are sugar copy cats. They have a molecular structure similar to sugar’s. So when they hit your tongue, your brain lights up and says: “Sweeeeeet.”


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Q. How should I take GlucoBurn™?

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Q. How do I know it will work for me?

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